Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Today was rainy and cold outside, which means a great day to drink hot chocolate and make art together.

Some of us made zines!  and some amazing carvers dropped by and worked on their stuff.

Richard working on his zine

Norman working on his collage

Glen working on his carving

Graham working on his zine

Graham working on his zine

more zine making

Jason Patrick's Carving (click to visit his site)

Glen Casimer's Ravenhead

Garnett dropped by to show us a painting

my little zine

the cover of my little zine

What a great day, and a packed house.  Hope to see you on Friday, I'll be bringing in some small mirrors to work on self portraits!!  but please feel free to drop in and work on whatever you feel like.

Also- excited to check out this show on Friday!

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