Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday June 22 2012

another super fun friday session.  got introduced to some sweet internet radio stations and listened to world music, french pop from the 20's and soul music.
we worked on field house residency applications (
and painted and drew.  this weekend is trout lake day!
come hold hands and set a world record.
this weekend is also maker faire:
it's 20 dollars i think to get in, but it should be real fun.

here is what we did today!
norman at work

matthew's amazing self portrait

yosef and norman painting

the carnegie painting in process

norman painting

marie's water colours

marie's water colours

the art supply cupboard wall!

omg there's sky!!  it's looking beautiful!!
have a great weekend!  hope you all had a great national aboriginal day yesterday!!

see you on monday :))

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