Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday June 4, 2012

Today was another busy session in the art room.  We got lots of work done, had tea and hot chocolate and almonds.  Such a great way to start the week off!  Was nice to see new faces today, too.
Here is some of what we worked on!
Kazik's cat.  His name is Bruce.

Irene's eagle

drawing by Chris

drawing by Chris

drawing by Chris

Monoprint by Kazik

Graham's drawing of Richard

Matthew's drawings

Our little gallery wall

Our little gallery wall
This upcoming Saturday I will be leading a drawing session down the road at the SFU Woodwards building.  This will be a free day long drawing fest- 10-4, we will be using chalk and markers and playing with the idea of using letters to draw.  Here's more info:
Please come join!!

Also, next Monday we will be at the opening of the Skwachays Healing Lodge just down the road at 31 W Pender, we will be making buttons!  Yay!

Ok that's all for now, see you Friday!

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