Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday July 20 2012

I can't believe it's already July 20.  We had another great session down in the ol' art room.  We went and checked out the show just down the road at the Gam Gallery.  The lovely girl there gave us the low down on the show and the gallery. The show consisted of drawings done using string, it had portraits and also a series of sign language drawings. The string was glued down in lines creating texture and then was painted over all in white.
Some of us felt inspired to make similar pieces when we got back to the studio, we did some paintings using construction paper cut outs and painted overtop of them.
Here's some of what was done today!!
Happy weekend.  Hope to see you at the Lantern Festival tomorrow night at trout lake woo!

This was actually done on Monday by Yosef!

Norman hard at work, this piece was inspired by the Gam Gallery show!

My cutouts in progress, inspired by the Gam Gallery show

Montana's little work station

Matthew's drawing as well as scribbled lines

Artists at work!

Norman's horse painting in progress

my cutouts being painted over

Norman's finished cutout piece!

Norman's horses

close up of Norman's horses
See you Monday!

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