Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Norman in the zone

we are slowly taking over the hallway

the art room is lookin' good these days!
had another lovely afternoon.  Spent time drawing with Matthew and working on his Artist Profile page- comin' up on Friday!!  Stay tuned..

Things that are coming up which I will surely email you drop in artists about soon:
Urban Weaver workshop in August with amazing local artist Sharon Kallis!
Professional Marketing session in September with local author Chris Tyrell!

Also-  October and November the art room will have 2 display cases up on the 3rd floor gallery.  So get workin'!  We will have an opening night event too, and hopefully book some visits, maybe we can do some artist talks!  I am really looking forward to this.  It will be part of Heart of the City festival.

Oh, and.... I notice that I so cleverly wrote down the wrong email address in every flyer that I put up/handed out, so I am really sorry if I seemed to ignore your email.  It is
Workin on replacing them all....

Ok have a nice week everyone!  Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.  I'm going to bring in some T-shirts to do Tshirt painting, any takers?  I also will be making Artist Profile pages, so I'll probably be asking you about that soon..


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