Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9, 2012

today was a full house.  some new faces!  even though it is a beautiful day out we got a lot of work done today.  I am a little under the weather (which is why no post on Friday!) so I will keep it short and sweet.  here is some of what these lovely artists worked on today!
also- check out the artist profile section along the right hand side- Matthew is the first Artist to be featured.
Peter's drawing

Normand and Montana workin away

Yosef working on the Carnegie painting!

detail of the sky 

local Poet John Alan Douglas painting his abstract piece

Matthew's drawing of me!
On Friday we are going to see the show at Centre A!  Please meet us here at 1230- all are welcome.  We'll be back by 2 at the latest to do some work.
Have a great week everyone!

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